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Why Can't I See the Speaking Participant in the Current Speaker's view?

The following situations can cause your Current Speaker's view in the Video window to display the IBM® Lotus® Sametime® logo or someone other than the speaking participant:

  • When the Current Speaker's Video window switches to the speaking participant, it displays that participant for a required amount of time. (This time is needed to stop the rapidly switching video from consuming network bandwidth.) The minimum time requirement might cause a participant who spoke previously to remain on display. In this case, a pause occurs between the time that the participant who is speaking is heard and the time that the participant's image is seen.
  • The speaking participant might not be able to send video images to the other participants. In this case, the Speaker's Video window displays the Lotus Sametime logo. The Lotus Sametime logo is also displayed when the speaking participant pauses the video window.
  • If a participant continues to transmit noise through the microphone after speaking (by typing on the keyboard or shuffling papers, for example), that participant's image might continue to be displayed in the Speaker's Video window. To prevent this problem, all participants should either mute the microphone after speaking or adjust the sensitivity of the microphone.

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